What is the Basic for Kids?

The Basic for Kids is a two day fun-filled seminar for children ages 5 to 12 whose parents or guardians have attended the adult PSI Basic Seminar. (See www.psiseminars.com for more information on the adult basic and advanced courses.)

It is said that we develop our negative or limiting beliefs about ourselves in early childhood.  Therefore it makes sense to work with our children as early and as often as possible to fortify their self esteem. The Basic for Kids or BFK provides an environment of love and support, seeking to affirm that our children are valuable and deserving just the way they are. During the weekend the kids are exposed to the universal concepts of “win-win”  “to think is to create” and “giver’s gain,” and they have the chance to look at ways to manage problems and conflict.   All material is presented in a non-threatening manner via  lectures, crafts, games, and skits. There are frequent breaks, plenty of snacks, and lots of smiles.

What will I find on this website?

The goal is to provide answers to the following questions:

How is the weekend is set up?

What is my role as parent?

What will the experience be like for my child?

Is my child eligible to attend? Can my child attend more than once?

How much does the Basic for Kids Denver cost?

When and where is the next class? How do I sign my child up?

I am interested in volunteering as a staff person: how do I get more information?